The Hardest Part of Parenthood

The hardest part of parenthood thus far has been having the be the brave person who is called on when there is a spider.

Jasmine and I were on our way home for the dentist. She starts screaming and I glance behind me to see what was wrong. I think

I hear her say there’s a bug so I roll down the windows in hopes that I would fly or get sucked out. We were so close to being home, I didn’t want to pull over.

She starts screaming spider, SPIDER!! There’s a spider in my chair!!! I’m like Jasmine there’s nothing there!?!

Then I see it, big yellow spider straight out of my nightmares crawling up her car seat right next to her head!!

I yell, OH SHIT!! And pull over as quick as I could. Even though no part of me wants to face this spider, I have to, for her.

I jump out of the car and run around to open the door. I take off my shoe and with a deep breath I start beating that sucker down. Thank. You. God. I got him! I don’t know what I had done if he’d had got away.

Dear lord please keep the spiders away from now on. Give me all the pee, poop, boogies, puke, not the spiders 😭

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