My First Half-off Saturday at Goodwill

If you know me, you know I am incredibly frugal. Well, my fellow cheapos are always going on about Goodwill’s half off Saturday. Now, I am no snob but let’s be real: Goodwill has a smell. They also tend to have a lot of junk donated and it all makes it out on the floor. It’s usually messy because shoppers have no respect for others. I’ve shopped there, but it’s never been my go-to.

I was on a yard sale binge since my neighbors had some big sales when last weekend, my mom mentioned she wanted to go for half-off Saturday.  I figured, why not? I’ll pack all the kids in the minivan and check it out. I have been looking for a reasonable priced shelving unit, maybe I’ll have some luck.

I rarely take my crew into public together. I can admit that my kids are wild and I try not to subject myself or the public to that circus. I had no clue how busy they would be. Thankfully, there were 2 carts left so my mom and I each grab one. Apparently someone had their eye on one but I got to it first. She and her shopping partner mumbled complaints about me. I’m thinking “Trust me lady, you want my kids in a cart!”

ff we go and right off the bat I see something I have to have: a train table. It was $14.99 making it $7.50! These things are from about $70-$200 new. My mom was standing by it waiting for someone to come by when I go to browse some more. Eureka! I found a shelf that would be perfect, also $14.99. I basically got these items buy one get one free. It’s official, I’m in love. Not only were they cheap, but Goodwill will hold it once it’s paid for if you need to arrange a pick-up. This is great for someone like me with no truck. Most people on Facebook Marketplace and Offerup don’t want to wait so it makes it tough.

Luke found something too… a white stick with an orange cap. I still don’t know what that stick was for, but he loved it. We also found some clothes for the kids and a couple toys. I wanted to look for kid movies but there was a lady spread eagle on the floor in front of the movies. That’s Goodwill for ya.


I found a stick too, a spirit stick! Just like the one I loved as a child. Jasmine wasn’t as excited as I wanted her to be about it but I got it for her, or I guess me anyways. I think it lasted a week at my house before being stepped on and leaking it’s glittery spirit all over my floor.


We head to the register to pay for our purchases. The lines are long and my kids are getting restless. The man who was up to get checked out was moving at snail speed and had TWO carts full of stuff.

He’s finished and there is now only one woman ahead of us. She puts her stuff on the counter and they start ringing her up. I decide to let the boys out of the carts because this lady has a lot of stuff and I know we’re going to be there awhile. They weren’t doing terrible until they started fighting over that stick. They fight to the death so it gets pretty graphic. Meanwhile, this woman goes back into the store, like to shop. She comes back, and everyone is like “What is happening??”. Then she does it AGAIN. I tell the woman at the register, “If she’s not done shopping, I am so can you ring me up”. She calls her overhead for the person checking out at register 3 to return. She returns with more piles of stuff. By now the kids are more comfortable with their new surroundings. They start running, in different directions of course. People always asked me what I would do when they start walking and go in different directions. Here’s my honest answer, I go after whoever will get in the most trouble first! In this case it was Luke because he was going for the door.

This lady is still trying to check out. All her cards get declined. She ends up paying with cash and leaves. It’s finally our turn and what does Jasmine say “I have to pee”. Cool dude, cool. My mom takes her and I continue to put my stuff on the register as my boys run wild. They come back and Jasmine wants a gum ball from that stupid machine. My mom takes all the kids over there, thank God, and I finally finish paying.

When I go to return my cart, I start taking stuff out and this lady is trying to pull the cart away as I am still unloading! Hello, give me a minute or grab and empty one, freak. I go to meet up with my mom and the kids and Dominic is eating candy he is finding on the floor. It is time to GOOOO. He runs out of tasty Goodwill floor candy and begins to freak out. Luke then realizes he’s the only one who didn’t get something and also freaks out. Dominic at some point goes behind the candy machines and gets stuck. This kid gets stuck everywhere. My mom gets him out and I grab Luke and walk out. He’s kicking and screaming for candy. I finally get everyone in the van and we get to go home.

My mom’s friend was so kind as to pick up my big items up the next day. The kids love the train table and the shelf worked out great. I am so happy we went, despite the chaos. The battle for the stick continues. It conveniently made it into the trash, never to be seen again…  I can’t wait for next time!



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