It Truly is Important to Let the Small Things go

I’ve been looking for life vest/puddle jumpers for the kids in marketplace. This lady was selling 2 for $5! Super cheap and it included a baby float for the kids to sit in. She made it sound like I could go whenever I got the chance. 


A friend said they could go in their way home at 4:30. I tell the woman this and she says if it’s still here. I’m like, wait you made it sound like you would hold it. She’s like no first come first serve blah blah blah. I get pretty angry at this point and honestly, I began saying things that aren’t very nice. It has been a day, and this was the straw that broke the camels back.


I don’t hunt down used stuff for fun. It’s how I can afford to get nice things for my kids. But I also have to work to do that. Now I understand selling things online can be daunting. People get flaky, but I feel like I don’t have a fighting chance. If it’s something I really need and I’m afraid it will sell, I even offer to prepay on Venmo or PayPal. I feel like the benefit out ways the risk. I have yet to be burned, thankfully.


I work in a trauma hospital. Not within the trauma center but a different department in the hospital. We hear all the overhead codes. As I am sending hatful messages to this woman I hear “Trauma red Cardon’s ETA 10 minutes” After 4 months of working here I finally found out what that means. There are 3 trauma levels: green, yellow, and red. Yellow being the lowest and red the highest. Trauma red basically means the patient has coded in the ambulance. Cardon’s is the children’s hospital.


This means as I am insulting this woman for selling pool floatie’s from under me, someone’s child is dying in an ambulance. If that isn’t perspective I don’t know what is. It brought me down to reality and I realized how stupid is it to be this angry over a pool floatie. My kids will get what they need regardless if I get those ones or not, I know this.


I instantly feel overwhelmingly guilty for being so ugly. My kids are safe and healthy and probably having a blast at daycare. I should be grateful for that and let the small disappointments go. I usually don’t like the “it could be worse” motto, but in this situation, I really felt it. That moment will most definitely stick with me the next time I run into this. I pray that baby is OK.


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