Chronicles of a Mom: That Time I Got a Peaceful and Uninterrupted Shower…

I get out of a long uninterrupted shower where I even got to shave my legs and think, “How did this happen?!”


This is how: it was all waiting for me on the outside. 


I come out and Dominic greets me with a giant smile. I pick him up and he pokes me right in the eye. Like I felt his finger on my eye ball and my lid was flipped up, he literally poked my freakin eye. 


I put him down and I’m just standing there as tears poured from my injured eye. I’m unable to open it at all. Of course he starts crying hysterically as if he’s the victim here.


With my good eye I see Luke covered in something black. My mom says, “Maybe now would be a bad time to tell you we caught Luke eating paint…?” He loves to eat water colors, I don’t know why….

Luke Paint Face

I go to sit down and try to recover from the eye poke when Jasmine starts gagging like she’s going to vomit. Simultaneously, Luke slips on something and belly flops on the tile. Now everyone is crying.


My mom grabs a bag for Jasmine to puke in as I scoop Luke up. Once he’s ok, I grab one of those blue puke bags from the hospital and give it to Jasmine. 


She appears to be using it while Dominic pretends to throw up in another bag. Apparently, anything big sister does is cool… even vomiting. 

Sick Jaz

Come to find out, she was not using the bag. She was puking in her lap and on the couch, next to the bag. 


Well I guess it’s bath time. She starts crying that she wants to take a bath with Luke, then flips 180. Now she’s crying that she doesn’t want to take a bath at all and she wants to go to Nana’s house.

Then begins the 15 minute struggle of arguing about the fact that she is not to leave this bathroom until all the pink puke is off her. (Yes, pink. She had those frosted animal cookies and well you know the rest.)


After 15 minutes of crying and screaming, she decides it’s time for a bath and my night finally comes to an end. 



And this is just another night in the life of me. In case you didn’t already know Jasmine is 3 and the twins are 1. They were born only 11 days shy of her second birthday. It has been a wild ride ever since but I love it!


Nothing is free in this world, that includes a peaceful bath for a mom.

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