I Can’t Believe I Pulled This Out of My Sons Nose!

I’m not a perfect mom, but boogie nose is a pet peeve of mine so I’m constantly cleaning my kids’ faces. I was cleaning Luke’s nose and I see something in there. It looks like a black stick of some sort. If you know me, you already know what happened next: I start to panic, no like freak the F out. Did he put something up there? Did a bug or spider crawl in his nose!??! I know I have two options, try and take it out or take him to urgent care.

I decided to give it a try, maybe it’s just a dark booger. I knew it wasn’t but I needed to think it was something other than a spider (anything but a spider!). I try the Nose Frida and suck with all my might. He screamed bloody murder but all I got were boogies. Plan B, I needed a plan B before I ran to urgent care. I nurse him to calm him down from attacking him with the Frida. I push up on his nose and it pokes out at me. I try pulling with my fingers but he jerks away. I grab the tweezers, lay him back down, and put him back on the boob. I push up on his nose and with the tweezers, I yank trying to get it before he even knew what is happening. It’s long, really long, so I keep pulling. It was only a matter of seconds to pull it out, yet someone how my brain had time to race. OMG it’s a giant booger, no, a worm, I just pulled a WORM from my sons nose. A parasite??? It’s a parasite!?!?

I finally calm down enough to determine that it’s not a worm or a parasite. You see, Luke had a blocked tear duct that never cleared. He had surgery back in February to repair it. They do that by placing a tube in the duct. A long white worm looking tube. The panic attack didn’t end there. Sure I was relieved it wasn’t any of the over the top things I thought at first, but I just pulled my sons eye tube OUT OF HIS NOSE.


Luckily he was fine, a little stunned at first. He cried for a very short time and rubbed at his eye then got up and started playing. The moral of the story is: being a parent is weird, and gross, and scary, and did I mention weird! I love my kids but good lord I didn’t know everyday would be so…eventful.

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