My Mom, My Hero

With it being Mother’s Day, you know I had to write about the beautiful soul that brought me into this world. You see my mom isn’t only an amazing mother, but she’s an exceptional human being. That is what makes her so special to me and those around her. 

She raised my brother and I on her own. My dad passed away shortly before she discovered she was pregnant with me. A woman ran a stop sign and hit him on his motorcycle. My brother must have been 1 going on 2 at the time. Now that I have children of my own I can see the struggle it must have been to raise us completely alone. When I say struggle I don’t mean only financially, but mentally, physically, and emotionally as well. She worked two jobs most of my life but still made us a home cooked meal every night. She made time to attend any school event. I always knew I could count on her for whatever it was that I needed. She must have been exhausted, but she made it work because she wanted to be there for us in every way she could. 

Probably up until my early 20’s, I thought she did what she did because she had to. She’s a mom and that’s her job. Now, I know better. She didn’t have to. As I grow older and see how other families function, I see how unique she is. I see that she didn’t “have to” do most of it. I feel I am a strong person because of the love and support I felt growing up. 

My mom and I have a special bond. We aren’t only mother and daughter but also best friends. Even as a teenager, a fun Saturday for me was hanging with my mom going to the mall and out to lunch. I can’t tell you how many Friday nights we spent at home watching movies and vegging out. Over the last few years that’s changed because I’ve become a mom myself. Now, anytime we spend together is taking the kids on outings. As much as I love to see her with my kids and I love to see how much they loved her, I miss our time together. 

That brings me to her Nana career. I had 3 kids in 2 years. That’s kind of lot! They are her only grandkids and, boy, does she spoil them. When I say spoil, I don’t mean she buys them crazy things and feeds them junk while letting them get away with everything. I mean she loves them like no other. She spends every evening with us and most of her weekends. She takes time off of work to take them to appointments so I don’t have to miss so much work. She pays attention to the little things they like and brings them small gifts that she knows will bring them joy. She has provided them with much of their clothing, many many books, and always picks up their favorite snacks at the grocery store. They are obsessed with her and rightfully so. 

She is not only caring to her own family. She takes care of whoever needs it. My brother and I have had many friends down on their luck and in need of an affordable place to live. She rents out a room to them for almost nothing. That room comes with utilities and home cooked meals every night. If she has tenants she feels like she has too cook even if she doesn’t plan to eat dinner at home. She literally treats them like her children. The last friend that lived there wasn’t able to pay rent one month. He was packing up to leave with nowhere to go. She refused to let him leave despite the fact that he couldn’t pay rent.

I’ve seen her do so many acts of kindness, I wont list them all. There are two stories that stick out in my mind. We were at a yogurt shop and a homeless man walked in. He asked what he could get for $1. Well, a whole lot of nothing of course. He was about to leave when my mom walks over to him and tells him to get whatever he wants and she’d pay. Without showing an ounce of gratitude he loaded up his bowl and left. She sat down and went on with her night. 

A couple weeks ago, we were on the lightrail with my daughter. We don’t take public transportation often, but we were going to an event downtown. I wasn’t sure if my 3 year would need a ticket so I bought one to be on the safe side. At one of the stops, a homeless man got on. When the guard came around to check tickets, his was expired. We had been told previously that my daughter didn’t need the ticket we purchased because at her age, she rides free. My mom gave her ticket to the man since we had an extra. She looked at me and says “You know he’s just on here to escape the heat, we have an extra”. I also knew we had the extra ticket. I’m going to be honest, it didn’t even cross my mind when I heard them talking that I could help him by giving him the ticket. 

She performs these acts of kindness because it is what’s in her heart. She doesn’t do it and expect anything in return, not even a thank you. A lot of people may not know she does this. It’s not something she brags about or even thinks to share about. I’m sure there are many more stories that I don’t even know about. This woman is so pure-hearted and selfless. I aspire to be like her. I saw a sign at the gift shop at work that said “If you weren’t my mom, I’d choose you to be my friend”. I love that and it’s so true. How did I get so lucky to be her daughter? She’s been through so much in this life. Things that would have changed other people. She’s strong and resilient and has maintained her beautiful self, inside and out, despite her trials. Te quiero mama.

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