Best Twin Nursing Pillow: TwinZ vs My Breast Friend

I think when it comes to any product, preferences will vary. Twin moms have two choices: the TwinZ pillow and the My Brest Friend Twin Plus Breastfeeding Pillow. I was blessed to be gifted the My Brest Friend at my baby shower and found the TwinZ lightly used for only $15! They both have their pros and cons of course, but one of them did win us over.

Cost and Where to Purchase:

The TwinZ pillow can be purchased on their website for $99.99 + shipping. It can also be found on Amazon with prices ranging from $43-$149.99. Retail stores such as Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath and Beyond match the TwinZ website with a price of $99.99.

 The My Brest friend Twin Plus Breastfeeding Pillow cannot be purchased straight from the website, the “Buy Online Now” links you to Amazon. Prices range from $60.65-91.49. One thing the My Brest friend site offers that TwinZ does not is a “Find a Store” link. 12 retails in total are listed and you can search by your location Two of the options being Target and Walmart which I find to be the more convenient locations. $60.65-$64.99.

TwinZ: 0 – My Brest Friend: 1

Comfort for baby and momma:

The TwinZ is very much like a big pillow, soft and fluffy. I searched the website to see what the pillow was made of and couldn’t find that information. The cover is soft and allows you to stay at a comfortable temperature. I found the large back support to be a little uncomfortable. The center piece gets flipped up as a back rest. Since it is made to lay down flat, your body is what keeps it upright. I felt like gravity was pushing it down onto my back and I was having to push against it. I also felt like it was very tight around my waist. I was unable to make it any looser without bringing the babies out too far to latch (this might be a big girl problem as my waist is on the fluffy side.) I know many twin moms safely use this pillow, however I did not feel safe. It is rounded and the gap in the middle near the babies heads made me uncomfortable. I felt like they could easily fall/roll off, especially if I would have dozed off. Let’s face it, it happens during those late night feedings. Because the pillow is so big it does bring the babies to a good height and close to the breast.

According to the My Brest Friend website, it is made of a recyclable foam and covered by a removable, machine-washable cover. The cover is made of 100% cotton for the original nursing pillow, and 100% polyester for the deluxe nursing pillow. The website also states that it helps with latch and digestion. The foam base of the pillow is firm but comfortable. I like that the sides are raise as it feels like a barrier to keep the baby safe from falling. I have the Twin Deluxe and have noticed that the polyester cover, along with two little heaters laying on it, makes for a sweaty summer. I felt like I was wearing a blanket. The pillow fits my waist well and is easy to adjust. The back support is a little awkward because it sits at the lower back and gets squished down and twisted up easily. I have to use a pillow behind me for added comfort, which I don’t mind too much. In the beginning I did need a pillow or folded blanket to bring them closer to the breast when they were smaller.

TwinZ: 0 – My Brest Friend: 2

They took many naps on here


The TwinZ has many other uses which is awesome. The babies could lay in it for a bottle feed. It is great for tummy time. I feel like it helped my boys learn to sit up at an earlier age because I could prop them sitting up with toys. I also fed them baby food in there a few times (that got too messy to continue though). When they were sick with congestion, I would let them nap in it because it props them. Of course, if they are napping they can not be left unattended because it’s not a flat surface.

Big sister helping with tummy time!

My Brest friend website states it can be used for supported sitting and tummy time, but I didn’t find that to work well, especially for 2. I did like to sit the boys on it facing out. It was a nice way to hold both or even to hold one while the other nursed. I also rocked them to sleep at the same time while they sat facing out on the pillow.

I found this picture and it looks like we used My Brest friend to help sister hold the babies. I guess I forgot about this in the tired twin mom of newborns haze

TwinZ: 1 – My Brest Friend: 2


The TwinZ cover is not too difficult to remove and put back on which makes for easy washing. It is very large and a unique shape which makes it kind of difficult to store and move around the house easily.

My Brest Friend is light and slim and easy to get out of the way and take room to room. I even took it with me to well checks so I could nurse them after their immunizations. The pocket is great for snacks, phone, water bottle, tissues, sound machine, etc. The cover is 2 pieces and fairly easy to remove and wash. The velcro has collected my hair, though, which is pretty gross. The foam pillow is very sensitive when the cover is off. My kids have all picked pieces off with ease. If something so much as scratches it a chunk will come off.

TwinZ: 1 – Brest Friend: 3

My Brest Friend Wins the race!

My Brestfriend Pillow


Twin Z




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