The Importance of Music in the Lives of Children

One thing I didn’t expect when becoming a parent was how clueless I would be. My first born is now 3.5 and I have been stumbling through trying make sure I do right by her in every way possible. She attends daycare, I felt like she needed more, something with structure that she could enjoy but that would challenge her in a learning environment. I did the only thing my generation knows how to do, I asked the internet.

I landed on music, mostly because she loves it. But I also learned from my research how important music is for a child’s brain development and motor skills. I did question if it might be a little early that. Then I discovered the WunderKeys Curriculum and all that it has to offer. My 3 year old can learn to play the piano using play and games, learning made fun!

I found Ms. Lacy via Facebook. She teaches kids as young as 3 years old. She also travels to the student’s house. This is especially helpful to someone like me who works full time and has 2 other little ones to cart around with me. She is a mom herself and teaches her own children piano! For me, I find comfort in my kids being taught by a mother. If you too are seeking a rewarding activity for you little, click the link below for more info 😊

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